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  • Sarine


    On a perpetual quest

  • Dan Craddock

    Dan Craddock

    Government digital professional. User research, content strategy and design, UI design, performance analysis.

  • Liz


    UXer and user researcher who can never think of anything witty for the bio

  • Amy Marie Phillips

    Amy Marie Phillips

    User researcher in public sector. Freelance photo editor/content manager. Loves news, coworking, and social enterprise.

  • Tim Van Lier

    Tim Van Lier

    UX Researcher & EduTech supporter @ VRT

  • Noam Segal

    Noam Segal

    Father. Director of User Research at Wealthfront. PhD in Psychology from UIUC. Professional burger and pizza taster. Opinions are my own.

  • Shamsi Brinn

    Shamsi Brinn

    nohandoff.org. UX Lead. Passionate about collaboration between design and development.

  • Rachel Lana Cohen

    Rachel Lana Cohen

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