Weeknotes SE02E14

The Unit of Delivery is the Team (thanks GDS Team for the inspiration!)

Orange post-it with the text: ‘the unit of delivery is the team’ in black sharpie with cartoon drawings of 9 different looking people at the bottom
Post-it from the GDS Story
The Research+Ops Cycle, a resource from The ResearchOps Community, authored by Mark McElhaw and Dana Chrisfield

What else are you thinking about?

I’m starting to think about scale and the different ways it happens — slowly incrementally, or everything more or less at once. Or at least, these are the two ways I’ve so far experienced the act of scaling — I can feel my mind toying with the idea, just in the back of my head — about how that influences what you do and how, the kinds of bets you place on yourself as a decision maker, and the circles of influence you might have in both scenarios. Benson and I are doing a little bit (quite truly, 30 mins a fortnight!) on the pace layers matrix at the moment, and he’s introduced me to the idea of the way circles of influence might be one of the factors that enable or inhibit change.



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Brigette Metzler

Brigette Metzler

researcher, counter of things, PhD student, public servant…into user research, information architecture, ontology, data. Intensely optimistic.