Weeknotes SE03E02

What did you do?



Organisational context


Recruitment and admin

Data and knowledge management

  • We added the first iteration of the Insights Repository.
  • We have a draft minimum viable taxonomy for our research data repository, and our Library — this has been shared with the Guild, and we’ll be chatting with the researchers about this more in coming weeks. The taxonomy is small, but is inspired by two years of work from the ResearchOps Community, and my own work, and has been augmented with our internal taxonomies. This is hard-coded into PRISM, and is the underpinning of how PRISM can scale. All of this, of course, is made possible as well by the patient and persistent training I received over the years from the architect of the previous user research library team I led at Services Australia, John. Many thanks always, John.
  • We did a lot of training in this space the past sprint, and again, we recorded it and made it available to the department via our Ops of Ops site. We also ran training for researchers on searching in the library, and then adding content.


Tools and infrastructure

  • We’ve been working on an across department review of whiteboarding tools. We did a joint synthesis session of our user needs analysis, which was a new practice for some attendees. The ReOps team have been writing up the research synthesis, and documenting the current and future state governance.
  • Bill’s focus is on the tools administration, maintenance, and governance. This past fortnight was our monthly reconciliation, and we have hundreds and hundreds of users across a lot of teams. He’s been writing up on and offboarding processes and we’re looking forward to some more automation of this work soon.

What are you thinking about?

Anything else?



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Brigette Metzler

researcher, counter of things, PhD student, public servant…into user research, information architecture, ontology, data. Intensely optimistic.